The Cookie Jar Program Grant Program (2).png

Au'loni Media Group, LLC is happy to introduce The "Cookie Jar" Grant Program!! We are giving  grants to our small business and nonprofit members. Members can apply for monthly grant funding of up to $5,000.

We award a deserving business and organization a grant each month. In addition, support and resources to apply for additional funding through our partnering companies and investors upwards of $200,000. You must be a member of the program. Membership is $34.99/annually and also includes:

  • Free and low-cost services to build your business/organization

  • If not selected, in a monthly cycle your application will immediately be entered into the next month at no additional cost. 

  • Sending you a list of customized, best-matched grants we've found and direct access to additional funding

  • Provide monthly mentoring and coaching 

  • Submit a grant each month on your behalf to our partnering companies

  • Give you access to information to help you find, apply and win grants for your business and/or non-profit!

Guaranteed to boost your business/organization!

Simply click the button below to apply and submit membership fees by clicking the CashApp Button!